Jean-Robert Desbiens-Haddad
December 14, 2023

With JMap 7 Jakarta, we have introduced JMap NG, a new Web application to view JMap projects. “NG” means new generation. Indeed, JMap NG represents an all-new generation of Web applications, developed from the ground up using new and powerful software components.

The first thing that stands out is the user experience that JMap NG offers. We have worked very hard to provide an efficient, user-friendly and aesthetically appealing graphical interface.

For example, we decided to group all of the tools into a series of retractable lateral panels on the left of the screen. Each panel has its own function, which is clearly identified.

The panel displaying the project layers was carefully designed in order to offer several useful functions without overcrowding the interface.

Another interesting visual feature of JMap NG: you can select the light or dark theme, depending on your preference or on the time of day or night.

Beyond the interface, JMap NG’s entire display engine represents the biggest change brought by this application. JMap NG offers a high level of interactivity and very smooth navigation, thanks to the use of vector tiles produced by JMap Server using your data. Vector tiles are a highly compact data format that is optimized for the viewing of vector data in modern Web browsers. In addition, JMap NG lets you display extruded 3D data when the elevation is available on polygons.

JMap NG includes the usual mapping tools to perform measurements, selections, searches, create annotations, export data, etc. From a section named My maps, you can save your own maps and share them with others. An export section, with interactive page setup features, allows you to easily create PDF documents from your map data.

Editing tools and forms haven’t been forgotten. Our team of developers is busy finalizing these features for the next update, which will be coming soon.

As for Web developers, they have access to a rich and well-documented JavaScript API, allowing them to customize and enhance JMap NG using extension modules. The documentation includes interactive examples that can be tested and modified to help developers understand the API. Developer documentation is available here: Developer documentation.

JMap NG is now available. Contact K2 Geospatial to find out more and start your free trial.

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