Turn geospatial data into smart solutions and better decisions with JMap

JMap eliminates interoperability issues. It's the only map-based integration platform that enables you to connect with any system and data source without disruption.

Monitoring, visualization, alerts and reports in real time

Breaking down organizational silos is the first challenge when implementing a successful data management strategy. JMap, a map-based integration platform, overcomes this challenge by creating a fully integrated IT ecosystem.

Benefits of JMap

Enables your users to make decisions in real time with quick access to precise data from live updates

Streamline your ongoing operations by tracking assets, resources and key performance indicators in real time.

Get better results with plans, forecasts and reports based on accurate geospatial and non-spatial data.

A customized solution


Created for non-technical users, this app simplifies geospatial data access and analysis. Its viewing and reporting capabilities make it the ideal tool for planning operations, tracking performance or understanding trends and patterns.

JMap Pro

Intended for technical users and GIS analysts, this app displays all your geospatial data in a map-based interface. Its multiple GIS-centric tools enable you to perform deep and technical analysis.

JMap Survey

Built for users in the field, this mobile app enables you to quickly collect and transmit geospatial data. Its online or offline modes make it the perfect tool for collecting GIS data or performing asset inventories and inspections.

JMap Cloud is a geospatial platform dedicated to application developers who want to easily add cartographic capabilities to their software.JMap Cloud offers high-performance cloud services and powerful APIs to integrate GIS data from various formats and systems to produce rich interactive maps that facilitate decision-making. The platform implements the latest geospatial industry trends and standards.

Learn how JMap can help you make better decisions

Document Management

Improve the capabilities of your document management system.

JMap’s Documents extension connects JMap to records management systems and databases. It provides access to all of your organization’s digital documentation, allowing you to search for information faster.


Facilitate consultation of drone data in a geomatic context.

JMap's FlightPath extension for JMap NG gives access to these types of data in a few clicks (flight lines, orthophotos, point photos, videos, etc.).


Increase the knowledge of your territory with imagery data.

JMap's Imagery extension offers a set of tools for the analysis of raster data including digital terrain models (DTM) and multi-band images.

Facility Management

Optimize your real estate asset management.

Developed by our partner Visiativ, JMap's FM extension simplifies facility management, providing access to detailed floor plans, infrastructure and installed equipment.


Optimize mobile unit productivity and reduce operating costs.

JMap’s Tracking extension provides an easy way to manage and track various mobile units, in real and non-real time, by connecting your vehicle tracking systems.

Want to learn more about JMap?

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