Make a Difference One Scholarship at The Time

March 28, 2024

K2 Geospatial is pleased to announce that, as of this year it will be offering a scholarship program for master’s degree candidates, whereby the company will be distributing $15,000 every year to students chosen to receive the scholarships.

The scholarship recipients’ subject of study must be of a humanitarian nature (addressing poverty, sustainable development, etc.) and must be related to approaches, methods, and techniques inherent to geomatics (land management, GIS, SDI…).

Jacques Charron, President, and CEO of K2 Geospatial is both pleased and proud to announce the two scholarship recipients for 2013:

  • The first K2 Geospatial scholarship, in the amount of $1,500, is granted to Ms. Jessica Cloutier, master’s student at Université Laval’s Hautes Études Internationales (HEI). Ms. Cloutier’s studies will be related to the topic of strengthening land tenure systems as a lever for economic development. She will be writing an essay on this subject under the guidance of Mr. Francis Roy, who holds a Ph.D. in land surveying and is Professor of land tenure legislation at Université Laval’s Department of Geomatics.
  • The second K2 Geospatial scholarship, in the amount of $7,000 per year for 2 years ($14,000 in total), will be granted to Ms. Julia Zaldua, a master’s student at Université Laval. Ms. Zaldua’s topic of study will be related to a “Diagnosis tool to integrate mapping information to reveal anomalies in the Colombian cadastre.” Ms. Zaldua will also be writing her memoir under the guidance of Professor Francis Roy, of Université Laval’s Department of Geomatics.

During this initial official scholarship presentation, Jacques Charron made the following declaration:  “In 1990, I received a grant from Gendron-Lefebvre (now Aecom), and it made all the difference in my career. Without that grant, I certainly would never have completed my master’s degree.”

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