Team Gets Bigger

December 14, 2023

During the past few months, K2 Geospatial has welcomed new members. It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that the team greets Valentin Dequidt, Paryse Nadeau, Frédérick Lafrance, and Nadia Ben Attia. There's no doubt that these new recruits will add value to the K2's offer.

Valentin Dequidt
Originally from France, Valentin firstly began his studies in mathematics. After three years, he decided to reorient his interest and turn to informatics. He pursues his professional education at Cégep of Matane, and then end up at K2 Geospatial as an intern. At the end of his internship, K2 saw Valentin's potential and decide to offer him a full-time job in the team. In short, spatial analysis is practically Valentin's second language.

Frédérick Lafrance
Frédérick practically has some data in his blood. All of his professional educations and experiences are in geomatics and informatics. He finished a university education at Sherbrook University. He's currently finalizing a master un geomatics sciences at Université Laval. Formerly GIS developer, he has worked on automatization and modelization of 3D data from different datasets. He also worked on native application development. He gives a new meaning to the term GIS, a Geomatics Intelligent Superhero.

Paryse Nadeau
Bachelor of Université Laval since May 2018, Paryse finished her studies in geomatics sciences. During her bachelor's degree, she has done internships in hydrography. It's objective was to build digital models of various streams in order to establish precise solutions to prevent floodings. She also took part in the world of telecommunications in geomarketing. Paryse is now a geomatics analyst at K2. Analyzes, measures, quantities, and predictions are part of her daily life.

Nadia Ben Atti
Nadia has honed her knowledge and skills in computer science through a professional career mainly pursued in Tunisia. With two degrees in hand, a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at the School of Technology and Computer Science and a Professional Master in Information Systems Engineering at the National School of Engineering Carthage, she joins K2 team as a Java Developer. This is a position that is familiar to her since she has been a Java EE Developer twice in the past. For her, a map is worth a thousand words.

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