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June 21, 2017

Montréal, Canada, June 21, 2017 - K2 Geospatial, a company specialized in the development of GIS or geomatics software commercialized under the name JMap, has establish a partnership with the consulting firm Consortech. Both companies stand out as experts in their respected field. K2 Geospatial works specifically in the development and the implementation of JMap solutions. As for Consortech, the firm provides consulting services in conception technology and integrated data management. Consortech also distributes software solutions (SOLO Cadastre Plus, SOLO Matrice Plus, Data Upload and Data Download Web Portal, Enterprise Automatisation, etc.).

The companies’ purpose in the implementation of this Agreement is to work jointly to merge their expertise and solutions. This alliance will allow the improvement, and diversification of the range of solutions offered to the present and future respective customers of both companies.

« This partnership with Consortech will allow K2 clients to get access to a complementary expertise of K2’s and the one of its present partners. Consortech has a solid expertise in applied geomatics engineering and construction, and more particularly in technical data conception, processing, and management that will complement K2’s offering » says Jacques Charron, President and Chief Executive Officer of K2 Geospatial.

It is a common desire to combine their expertise that K2 Geospatial and Consortech have decided to work together. This way, the integration and implementation of geospatial solutions during infrastructures management will now be simplified.

« The partnership between K2 Geospatial and Consortech will allow their common customers to benefit from an excellent technological solution supported by high-level implantation services. The Consortech team is certain that its data processing knowledge will allow JMap users to get access to a wider range of quality data, and, hence, make reasoned decisions. Consortech is proud to share common values with K2, which suggests a great long-term partnership » says Rémy Pelletier, President of Consortech.


About K2 Geospatial

Since 1995, K2 Geospatial has been committed to bringing spatial information and analysis tools within everyone’s reach by developing software solutions that provide effective visual aids to decision-makers. K2 Geospatial solutions are powered by JMap, a map-based integration platform designed to connect silos and offer user-friendly interfaces destined to non-technical users. JMap is deployed and used by hundreds of organizations in North, South and Central America as well as in Europe.
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About Consortech

CONSORTECH is a major North American specialist in geospatial data integration for the public sector and organizations that manage land and infrastructure. Founded in 1989, it offers consulting services that aim to extract the full potential from data through the advanced use of ETL technology. Its FME- and FME Server-certified experts help organizations access high-quality, reliable data so they can make better decisions for their communities.
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Since 1995, K2 Geospatial has been committed to bringing spatial information and analysis tools to everyone by developing software solutions that provide effective visual aids to decision makers.

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