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March 14, 2017

Montreal, Canada, March 14, 2016 - K2 Geospatial, a leading geospatial software solution provider and the developer of JMap, a map-based integration platform, is pleased to announce a new business partnership with Cayenta, a distributor of ERP software used by North American utilities and municipalities to manage the asset life-cycle.

JMap is integrated with Cayenta’s ERP solution suite, and is currently being deployed in 8 of Cayenta’s municipal and utility clients across North America. The GIS centric solution enhances the ability to manage the asset life cycle for Cayenta’s Work Management and Mobile Workforce product lines.

“Using a multitude of systems, technologies and data formats, tends to make the implementation process complex. Since JMap is neutral and adapts to any architecture without impact, integrating the new Web version ensures our systems will always be compatible with our clients’ technology environments. With JMap, we can also offer our clients a simple and seamless solution to connect various systems and data sources around our ERP solutions. Lastly, JMap Web’s intuitive map interface simplifies data access, analysis, reporting and decision-making. In fact, the integration of JMap Web to our ERP suite allows Cayenta to simplify the complex management of today’s cities and utilities.” - Brad Atchison, Executive Vice-President, Cayenta Business Division.

This partnership will expand JMap’s presence in the municipal and utility market while strengthening Cayenta’s position as a prominent ERP systems provider for local governements and utilities. “K2 Geospatial is highly involved in smart cities and community projects. As a leader in the municipal management world, Cayenta is a natural partner for us and one we strongly value.” - Jacques Charron, President of K2 Geospatial.

Since 1995, K2 Geospatial has been committed to bringing spatial information and analysis tools to everyone by developing software solutions that provide effective visual aids to decision makers.

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